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PharmaExcel-Excel in Perfection aims towards accurate 21CFR program designer for pharmaceutical Industry with regulatory compliance coversing Global regulatory requirement with ease of access and User fiendly atmosphere.

RaksRaj Chemicals believe in Reseach and Development for cost reduced manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Ingredients, API's and Impurity synthesis

RaksRaj Chemicals

Signature of Purity

We RaksRaj Chemicals deal in various type of trading in

  1. API's
  2. API Intermediate
  3. Impurity
  4. Analytical Method Development
  5. Analytical Method Validation
  6. Protocol Writing
  7. Dyes
  8. Chemicals
  9. Solvents 
  10. Key starting materials
  11. Raw materials
  12. Metabolites
Impurity List
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Excels in Perfection

We PharmaExcel-Excel in perfection designes of

  1. Excel Spreadsheet Development as per requirement
  2. Excel Spreadsheet Validation
  3. Macro development
  • Regulatory requirement compliance with User friendly
  • Restricted Use in Lab Environment
  • Single file can be used from anywhere in company LAN
  • Individual User Name and Password for User
  • Restricted Computer use
  • License version
  • Single Excel Spreadsheet Designs for Various tests of Analytical Method development and Method validation like Assay, Dissolution, Related substances, Content Uniformity
  1. Linearity and Linearity for LOD / LOQ
  2. Recovery (mg/mL, mcg/L and Percentage)
  3. Robustness
  4. Assay (mg/mL, mg/vial, Percentage)
Calculation Program Operation Manual
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Company History

PharmaExcel Group is fast paced growing organization in Pharmaceutical Industry with highly professionalized, managed organization by qualified team 

PharmaExcel is started in year 2010, initiated with PharmaExcel-excles in Perfection, providing Analytical calculation formula, Excel Spreadsheet development and Excel Spreadsheet validation with validation protocol and report.

 Where with RaksRaj chemicals, we spread our experise in filed of Pharmaceuticals chemicals.  RakshRaj Chemicals is reputed and fast growing Organization in Pharmaceutical Industry, specialized in API’s , Impurity and intermediates provider.

We understand the importance of Quality and lead time for delivery, so Adhering to high quality standards and Purity is our signature of organization

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